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Articles Quoting the
Partners Wealth Management Team

  • "Is it 1035 Time?", Senior Market Advisor, December 2011

    Disclosure: There may be liquidity issues (potential surrender and tax charges) when replacing a policy, increased sales charges, fees, and tax implications. The new policy will likely have its own new surrender charge schedule, which may extend beyond that of the original policy. You may pay higher premiums if, for example, your health has declined since the purchase of the current policy. The new policy typically will have a new contestability period - a two-year period from the issuance of the new policy during which the insurance company could challenge a death claim based upon a misstatement on the application. Any policy loans could affect the performance and surrender of the existing policy.

  • "Four Opportunities for Cross Selling", Senior Market Advisor, March 2010

    Disclosure: This article is for educational purposes and is not intended to suggest a particular product, strategy, or service. The decision to implement any of these strategies should be made in consultation with qualified tax, legal, and financial professionals.

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